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first stop for
new filmmakers!

Link Film Academy courses link you to:

  • Industry Professionals

  • Filmmakers looking for crew

  • 100’s of set-ready emerging actors!

  • Industry equipment and cinema kits

  • The most relevant ways to create content

  • Hands-on, practical training

  • Industry talk

  • Networking pathways

  • The keys to successful collaborations

Are you:

  • An avid movie fan who loves the world of cinema?

  • Joined up to filmmaking Facebook groups but don’t know how to connect with other

  • Already creating content, but unsure how to find an audience and platform?

  • Wanting to explore the art and craft, but have no previous experience?


Our courses are tailored for creatives who love cinema and are bursting with ideas. Link Film
Academy gives you a solid foundation from which to start bringing your visions to life!


What makes LINK different?

It’s not just about the tech - which is more accessible than ever. Plus, you won’t spend ages seated in a classroom listening to endless lectures. We focus on the MISSING LINKS:

  • How we talk to each other and build strong relationships

  • Leadership

  • Experience over outcome

  • Maintaining values and culture onto your film set 

  • Branding and marketing for filmmakers 


Our Courses:

Check out our next Intro to Film-Making course




Intro to Film-Making course

Once a week for six weeks, access the best industry experts in their field, passionate
about teaching new talent the essentials to skill up and crew up on set!

Monday 24th July , 7pm - 9:30pm

6 Week Course

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